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Monday, April 19, 2010

r3sult pap3r ICT cam3 ou+!!!

today,, i got my result of ICT paper in PK2.. but my result not such that sattisfied me.. ermm,, maybe i can't scored because i got a last minute studied before sat for the exam paper.. besides,, i'm always missed the ICT class because absent from the school.. but never mind,, i really hope i can score much better for the next exam,, moreover the coming soon mid-year exam.. the questions?? not such that hard,, but i still can't do my best because i can't understood the questions easily.. emm,, but don't give up!! I can do it more!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Assignment 2

People interact directly with computers in many field in daily life.But we have threats to computr such as viruses and natural disasters.

a)Name 4 main sectors that used ict in their management.


b)State 2 different between worm and viruses.

WORMS-operates through the network.

-spreads copies of itself as a standalone program.

VIRUSES-spreads through any medium.

-spreads copies of itself as a that attaches to other programes.

c)There are 6 types of security measures that can be used to protect our computer.Explain what is;

i)Cryptography~is a process of transforming plaintext into ciphertext then back again.

ii)Firewall~is a piece of hardware or software which functions in a networked environment to prevent some communications forbidden by security policy.We used firewall to prevent hacking (unauthorized access is the use of a computer or network without permission).

Impact Of Ict On Society

Positive Impact

  • Faster communication speed-with the internet,news or messages are sent via e-mail to anyone efficiently.With the capability of broadband and speed of connection on the internet any information can be travel faster.
  • Lower communication cost-with the internet,we do not have to pay any basic services provided by in the internet.Furthermore,the cost of the connection to the to the internet is relatively cheap.
  • People can share opinions and information through discussion groups and forums through internet.
  • Information can be stored and retrieved through the digital medium instead of paper.(Paperless environment).
  • Information and communication can be borderless through internet.by using internet,people all around the world can be connected through each other.

Impact of ict on society

Negative Impact

  • Borderless information at time can be negative courage people to access pornography and violence web sites.It can cause low moral values.It also can created problems such as gambling,information theft and fraud.
  • Computers can harm users if they use for long hours frenquently.

Monday, February 1, 2010

first tim3 tulis blog

erm...aq xtw nk ckp pew but....nie first keje yng aq kne uat mlalui blog.......huhuhu...ckgu soh uat jwpn dlm bntok xksah ar..soalnnye "kesn ict dlm masyarkt sekitar",sbnrnye dlm bi tpi aq nie bi mmg lmah glewk nk abiz!!!xpe blh bljr..da ar aq kne uat keje dlu..chao!!